Your Men’s Salon in Barrington & Your Haircut in 2019

Your Men’s Salon in Barrington & Your Haircut in 2019

At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, we take style seriously. Our expert stylists are committed to giving you a look that turns heads. Ready to do something new with your haircut for the new year? Need an effortless way to stay sharp? Here’s a look at a few of the top men’s hair trends for 2019.

Afro Twist

Got a coarse mane? Then you’ll love the minimal effort vibe going on for 2019. Let your afro be as long and shaggy as it wants to, and don’t pick it out just yet. Leave it to be wild and twist up the ends for a look that’s well-paired with a bit of facial scruff.

Darker Dye

If you’re not shy when it comes to color, try going a shade or two darker. Taking your strands just a bit darker exudes the perfect mix of mysterious and sensual, without being over-the-top. This is a dye job that won’t break the bank and is a lot nicer on your hair than the bleach blonde peroxide trend of years past.

Messy Crop

Got thin, fine hair? Keeping right along with the effortless trend for 2019 comes the messy crop. Best for short and straight locks, this style avoids perfection and is super easy to maintain. Leave some extra length in front, and don’t try to tame flyaways or cowlicks – leave them be.

Layered Swag

Taking inspo from 70’s style, we’re all about this trend in men’s hair: Layered, shaggy locks with an unkempt beard. Throw on some aviator glasses to complete the look. Just be sure to keep a blowdryer on hand, and maybe some high-quality pomade, for those days when you may need to look a tad more polished, like that job interview coming up.

Modernized High Fade

Take things up a notch by keeping things lengthy on top and trimming up the sides. The catch is to make sure there’s some natural wave or curl up top, while you leave the sides as is. It’s the 2019 version of the ever-popular, super-groomed high fade.

Natural Wave All Around

Guys with naturally curly texture, this one is for you. Grow your locks out just a bit longer, and let your natural wave explode. Leave your sideburns just as they are for that classic playful look we all know and love. The key here is curl all around. Let your natural hair do its thing, and remember, it’s all about a minimal effort in 2019.

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At 1924, we’re all about creating the perfect look. Whether you need a men’s haircut to achieve that fresh style, or beard grooming services to feel tidy, we’ve got exactly what you need. And if you’re not sure exactly what look you’re going for, our expert stylists are always here to help. Book an appointment today at our men’s salon serving Iverness, Barrington, Fox River Grove, and the surrounding areas. You’ll walk out our barbershop doors feeling like a brand new man, guaranteed.