Why the Straight Razor Shave Is the Best Type of Shave

Why the Straight Razor Shave Is the Best Type of Shave

Shaving is a key part of most men’s grooming routines, so it’s unfortunate to say that many gentlemen don’t put the thought into creating the most enjoyable shaving experience for themselves. Most men stick with the basic disposable razors, which, while convenient, don’t offer the same precision as a straight razor. If you’re familiar with the straight razor, you may feel like it’s much too intimidating of a device to use on your skin. Well, it may be a tricky blade to use, but it can also provide the closest and smoothest shave that you’ll ever experience. Here at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, we pride ourselves on the straight razor shaves that we offer for our clients at our men’s salon and we’d like to explain why this type of shave is the absolute best one.

About Straight Razor Shaves

Straight razors are long and straight pieces of steel that feature a razor-sharp edge. While they used to be the most popular choice for shaving before the 20th century, the much simpler method of the disposable razor significantly decreased the straight razor’s popularity. While a straight razor shave may require more time and effort to finish the job, it can provide a close and smooth shave that’s unparalleled by any other method. Not only will you end up with smoother skin, but when done right, straight razor shaves will help avoid skin irritations and razor burn that a person would usually get when using traditional razors. This incredibly smooth shave is because of the precision in the honing (or sharpening) of the straight razor. The sharpness of the blade means fewer passes are needed to shave.

The downside of the straight razor shave is that it can be difficult to use and takes time to maintain. While it may be considered the ultimate shave, it requires plenty of work and precise technique to do it without injuring yourself, meaning that a new straight razor wielder may find himself just replacing his stubble with numerous nicks and cuts! Plus, if not correctly stropped, honed, and oiled, your straight razor will soon become a decoration instead of a tool. That’s not a problem for those who visit our Barrington, IL barbershop though! Our barbers are experts at straight razor shaves and have plenty of experience in providing them for clients. You won’t just get the closest shave you’ve ever had – it’ll be performed in a completely safe manner that won’t put your neck at risk!

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