Why Men Should Wax Their Eyebrows

At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, we strive to give each and every client the look they want and feel most comfortable with. Our men’s grooming team works hard to provide professional haircuts and styles, beard advice, skin treatments, and eyebrow waxing and shaping help. Some men believe they do not need to touch their eyebrows, but this is simply not the case. Just as you give attention to the hair on your head and your beard, you should pay attention to your eyebrows and shape them according to your look and facial needs. Our men’s barbershop in Lake Zurich and Palatine, IL are here to give you some blunt, direct facts about men’s eyebrow waxing and shaping. 

Look Professional

No matter your career or lifestyle, most men want to look professional. To do so, your eyebrows need to be cleaned up. If your hair and beard are trimmed accordingly, why would you avoid your eyebrows? Thick, mangy eyebrows are not attractive and definitely will deter you from looking your best. The 18I8 Barrington solution: tweeze, trim, and wax your eyebrows!

Minor Tweezing to Keep Everything Neat

The idea with tweezing is to have a neat, refined looked. Bushy eyebrows are not a bad thing, they just need a little cleaning up. For most men, 1924 Fine Men’s Salon – Barrington recommends tweezing your eyebrows to remove any hair outside the normal eyebrow line. That being said, never over tweeze your eyebrows because you do not want a sparse eyebrow look. Our basic tweezing advice is to clean up the edges and keep your eyebrows looking natural, yet neat. 

Overgrown Eyebrows Don’t Look Good

There is a specific difference between overgrown and natural, overgrown eyebrows do not look good on any man. That’s why it’s imperative to trim and shape your eyebrows. Our barbershop in Lake Zurich recommends finding where your eyebrow should start and finish in order to shape them. Your eyebrows should start directly above the middle of your nostrils on either side. And, your eyebrows should finish at a diagonal line from the edge of your nostril to the outside corner of your eye. If you have hairs outside these lines, tweeze or wax them. If you are nervous about men’s eyebrow waxing, ask the professionals at 18I8 Barrington. 

Don’t Like Tweezing? Consult The Pros

If you are nervous about touching and shaping your eyebrows for the first time, don’t do it! Make an appointment with your local Palatine, IL 1924 Fine Men’s Salon instead. Our barbershop offers on the spot men’s waxing for eyebrows, ears, and nose. They will help groom your facial hair to fit your face and look specifically. Feel free to discuss your thoughts and concerns with our team and we will do our best to achieve the look you are interested in!

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