How to Use a Blow Dryer to Maintain Your Style

A blow dryer is an essential after-shower tool that gives you better control of your style and boosts volume too. Men’s haircuts in Barrington are our specialty at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon. Here are our tips for using a blow dryer to get your hair in shape.

Prepare for Success

An 1800-watt dryer gives you a powerful airflow that means you can use a lower heat setting. High heat fries your hair and leaves it less manageable. Start each styling day with clean hair. Apply hair products and a heat-protective balm or cream to still-damp hair to protect against heat damage.

Styling With a Blow Dryer

Some men’s hairstyles call for volume on top. To accomplish this look, use a rounded brush to shape and lift hair into place, aiming the dryer at the brush as you move it through your hair. A dryer’s concentrator attachment helps you attain a smooth style, while a diffuser makes the most of your natural curl. Here are notes on using these attachments:

  • Concentrator: This piece narrows to a wide slit that you hold close to the hair as you guide it with your comb or brush. Because it’s so close to your hair, you can use a lower heat setting.
  • Diffuser: Use it to distribute heat and air over a wider area, allowing curls to dry in a more natural style. It has multiple “fingers” at the wider end to maintain a distance between the barrel and your hair. Use your fingers to style instead of a comb or brush.

When you’ve achieved the look you want, give your hair a blast with the dryer’s cold-air button. Cool air deactivates hair products and sets your style.

Maintaining Your Look

To maintain your style long-term, visit the men’s hair experts at 1924 regularly. As your Lake Zurich barber, we can help you keep up your hair’s good looks with practical and straightforward tips and proper care.