Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Barber Shave Your Head

Head shaves have been trending for the past decade and the “style” continues to gain popularity in 2019 as men are moving more toward more simple “no fuss” styles. For guys in the Palatine and Fox River Grove areas, a straight-razor shave from a local barber is no longer a desire of the past. Men of all ages are taking advantage of the hair salon services offered by 1924 Fine Men’s Salon Fine Men’s Salon. While some may try to save money by using home grooming alternatives, shaving your head is one of those tasks you should definitely leave to the professional barber. Here are four great reasons why you should let your barber shave your head:

Reason #1: Straight-Razors Give the Closest Cuts

Since Don Draper made it look pretty easy on the TV show Mad Men, the straight-razor shave has been slowly making a comeback. There’s another reason for that. For a head shave, the single blade is by far the best option. It can cut closest to the skin and leave your scalp touchable soft, plus make it longer between shaves. Unfortunately, for the normal guy, wielding a straight-razor blade is no simple task.

Reason #2: Sharp Objects Near Your Brain Could Be Suspenseful

It may not rival the latest American psychological thriller of the same name, but sharp objects like a straight-razor near your brain, your face, your eyes can become pretty suspenseful. We don’t recommend using a straight razor to shave while you are trying to view all sides and angles of your scalp in the mirror. Most people know better than to try to cut their own hair, and trust us, shaving your head properly is no easier. It takes experience and skill, the kind our barbers have at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon.

Reason #3: Pre & Post Prep Make All The Difference

If you’re not a fan of razor bumps and a flaky scalp, you’ll want to trust the professional barbers at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon to make sure your head has the proper pre-treatment and post-treatment. Before your head shave, we’ll make sure your scalp is prepared with a hot towel and a liberal dosing of our best shaving foam – while you relax with a complimentary beverage. Afterward, your straight-razor head shave is finished with a cooling post-shave balm and a cold towel to lock in moisture. These skin-treatment extras are what will give your head shave that professional look you want.

Reason #4: After-Cut Care Tips

When you have the professional barbers at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon shave your head, we’ll make sure you get the tips you need to stay healthy and looking great. For starters, even during the winter, the sun can still wreak havoc on a bald head. Apply SPF daily to filter out the sun’s damaging UV rays upon your newly exposed skin. Be careful about what you put on your scalp after a close shave. While you won’t need your gels, mousses, and pomades, you will still want to use a gentle shampoo to wash your head. Soap is too harsh for the delicate skin on your scalp.

Make Your Head Shave Appointment Today!

If you’ve made the choice to go clean with a head shave, give the barbers at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon a call today and schedule an appointment with the pros. Known for our amazing stylish men’s haircuts, the barbers at 1924 can skillfully keep your bald head looking fine. Leave the stress of shaving your head to us. Call (224) 633-2188 or schedule an appointment online at your convenience.