1924 Fine Men's Salon


Meghan has been a licensed cosmetologist for 11 years. Meghan grew up in the salon business and has been part of the 1924 team for over a year where her passion for a career in men’s grooming took hold. She is an aspiring men’s junior stylist, trained on the 1924 methods and continues to be mentored by our team to hone her expertise in men’s grooming.

Through our junior stylist program Meghan offers our expert grooming services at a reduced rate while perfecting her skills under the expert guidance of the seasoned professionals in our salon. Your satisfaction is our priority as you enjoy top-notch service and savings as she gains hands-on experience in creating your desired look.

As a men’s junior stylist, Meghan is continuing her education with American Crew, focusing on developing her expertise in men’s grooming, from classic barbering techniques to contemporary trends in hairstyling. Her friendly and fun-loving demeanor makes her a trusted choice among clients looking for a fresh, stylish, and personalized experience.