Styling Tips For Curly Hair

Styling Tips For Curly Hair

Have long locks of curly hair? 1924 Fine Men’s Salon in Barrington, IL can customize professional haircuts and grooming services to suit your unique hair type and style! Located in the Brookhaven, 1924 is an upscale men’s salon, perfect for the modern gentleman. Inspired by old-school barbershops, 1924 adds a touch of modernism to bring you the best men’s hair and skin care possible. Keep reading to learn the best styling tips out there to ensure that your curly hair looks the best it can at all times!

Embrace The Waves

First things first: if you are a man with extremely curly hair, there are going to be certain hairstyles that just won’t be possible! Though you may draw inspiration from Leonardo DiCaprio’s comb-over or Robert Pattinson’s signature messy ‘do, it’s important to draw the bulk of your hairstyle inspiration from someone that has a similar hair type, such as Kit Harington’s head of perfectly curly hair.

Use The Right Styling Tools

With curly hair, styling can seem daunting or tricky. However, with the proper guidance and the right set of tools, you can achieve healthy, natural looking hair without much of a hassle. First, it’s important to throw out any fine-tooth combs you may have, as they can make your hair overly teased, and can tug too hard on your hair follicles.

Try styling your hair using only your hands or a wide-toothed comb. Going for a tighter, more defined curl with a bit of shine? A strong-hold, wax-based product will help with that without making your curly locks rigid. Going for more volume? Try a hairspray to help hold up those curls

Use More Conditioner

You might also want to try upping the amount of conditioner you use when you shower. This will help you avoid dehydrated hair follicles and frizz. Just rub it into your hair a few times a week, letting it work its magic on your curls for 2–3 minutes before rinsing it out. Alternatively, you can use a leave-in conditioner to accomplish the same results without having to invest the extra shower time.

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If you have curly, wavy hair, there are plenty of simple and effective styling tips you can use to maintain a healthy head and flawless look. For more information on how to properly take care of your hair,  don’t hesitate to contact 1924 Men’s Fine Salon Barrington, serving the communities of Deer Park, Fox River Grove, and Lake Zurich. Come by and experience the difference at 1924 today. From all of us at 1924, we can’t wait to help you look fresh and feel your best!