New Year New Grooming Routine: Your Guide to Great Hair This Year

From Palatine to Barrington to Fox River Grove and everywhere in between, guys are working now more than ever to be the best versions of themselves, and that means looking good so you can feel good. Beyond the daily shower plus deodorant, there are grooming habits that guys should think about if they want to look fresh, handsome, and confident. There is no better time to start a new grooming routine than a brand-new year. Your experts at your local modern barbershop, 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, have put together a guide for grooming that can get you into the habit of looking fresh year-round.

Break Out A New Look With A New Hairstyle

One of the easiest and fastest ways to keep yourself fresh in 2023 is with a fresh cut. Experiment with a new haircut or style – even add color or cover up those creeping grays. Men’s haircuts are our specialty at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon. It’s also important to keep looking fresh with a regular haircut and style regimen. Some of the best 2023 haircut trends include easy hairstyles that don’t take much time to style and go. Try a loose side-swept quiff, which stays low on the sides but allows an easier style for the longer top. Or, 2023 is bringing back super short hair – try the crewcut or buzz cut and pair it with a rocking beard. Can’t get easier than that! This year, you’re also going to see guys embrace their natural curl and texture of their hair. If you want a stylist who is experienced at cutting the close fade or cutting long hair you can count on our expert stylists to get you the style you’ve been looking for. Once you’ve got your new haircut, set up a regular appointment every three to six weeks, depending on your individual hairstyle, to keep it looking its best.

Try Styling Your Facial Hair

A lot of our Lake Zurich barbershop clients at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon come in for a haircut and never think about doing anything different with their beard. They just trim their neckline and facial hair. Our stylists have great ideas on things you might consider with your facial hair when you come in for a men’s shave from Palatine. Perhaps you’d like to try a disconnected mustache by cutting the bridge? Or maybe try a longer beard, or a heavier stache with a shorter beard? There are so many facial styles you can try – just like your hairstyles. We’re here to help you figure out the style that makes you look your best.

Take Better Care Of Your Skin

Skincare of the past may not have been a “guy thing.” But today’s modern man understands the importance of a skin care regime – both for health and cosmetic reasons! A man’s skin has its own unique needs – from moisturizing and soothing the shaven face, to the astringent needed to get rid of blackheads and subdue acne. While pampering with facials may have been reserved in the past only for women, men’s facials are extremely popular and can do wonders with the look and feel of your skin. At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, facials are designed with your individual needs in mind and get exfoliate, moisturize and regenerate your skin to its new glowingly handsome state. Our skin experts also recommend taking a weekly bath with essential oils and salts that help rejuvenate your whole body. And, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water – keys to healthy skin and life!

Keep Hair Where You Want It; And Not Where You Don’t

This just out…unibrows are not the fashion in 2023! If you’ve let your eyebrows grow together, make 2023 your year to separate them! Plucking is one way but can be time-consuming and painful. At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, you can have our stylists shape the perfect brows and wax that unwanted hair away. Mark your own calendar, or make an appointment with us to take care of those unwanted nose hairs as well. Otherwise, they’ll be making an unwanted appearance when you least expect it!

On the other hand, if you’re starting to NOT have hair where you WANT it, 2023 is a great time to address that concern. Believe it or not, hair loss and receding hairlines can happen at any age but there are solutions out there to help. Explore our non-surgical hair restoration from Hairskeen. An alternative to surgery, the Hairskeen hair replacement system gives us the ability to provide our guests with immediate results. It not only looks and feels natural but it makes the possibilities of hairstyles endless. Talk to your stylists about our hair replacement solutions next time you’re in for a visit.

Find Your Grooming Routine at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon Today!

If you’re as busy as most guys in 2023, you’ll need help making your New Year grooming routine a reality all year long. That’s where 1924 Fine Men’s Salon can help. Let us pamper you and make you feel like a million bucks every day of the year with our variety of grooming services including men’s haircuts, styling, men’s shaves, facials and more. Our 1924 men’s salon is conveniently located between Fox River Grove and Palatine. We welcome guys of any age from Lake Zurich and the surrounding areas. Make an appointment by calling us at (224) 633-2188 or online. We look forward to helping you develop your 2023 grooming habits that will make you feel confident and handsome year-round.