Men’s Beard Styles For Your Face Shape

At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon in Barrington, a hair salon for men, we work hard to help our clients look their best. Our barbershop team provides everything from haircuts and hairstyles to spa services and beard styling. We want you to look great, but the same techniques and styles that work for one man may not work for another. This is true with beards. Every man has a different face shape and structure, meaning a full beard does not look good on every face shape, neither does a mustache. Our barbers and beard stylists want to work with you and your beard to recommend the best cut and style for your face shape.

Beard Style Based On Face Shape

Men’s faces vary in shape from square or rectangular to oval and triangular. Our 1924 Fine Men’s Salon Barrington barbers will help identify your face shape, if you do not already know it, and suggest a specific cut and style for your beard. These are our suggestions.


Rectangular faces are long with wide jawbones and a deep, square chin. Our barbers recommend a chin strap or mutton chop look to make your face seem fuller. A mustache can also work well on a long, rectangular face. Or, a combination of the mustache and chin strap may complement your face well.


Oval face shape is typically quite symmetrical and your jawline is rounded. Good news for you, most facial hairstyles and beards look great on an oval face. Try some out and see which one you like the most.


Do you have wide cheekbones, a wide jawline, and a short chin? Then you’ve got a round face! Our hair salon for men suggests making your face seem longer. Keep the hair on your cheeks short and the hair on your chin longer. A goatee normally pairs very nicely with a round face.


A square jawbone is the signature characteristic of a square face. In order to round out your face a bit and make it look less angular, 1924 Fine Men’s Salon & Barbershop recommends rounding out your chin with more hair. Typically a goatee and mustache look great on a square jawbone.


A triangle facial shape consists of a prominent chin and a jawbone that is wider than your cheekbones. Our beard stylists think you should have more hair on your chin and face to draw attention away from your accented chin. A “beardstache” or a full beard with a mustache compliments a triangular face well.


A heart-shaped face has a pointed chin and a forehead that is larger than the cheekbones and jawline. A long, thick beard goes perfectly on a heart-shaped face. It rounds out the accented chin and softens the face.

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