How to Maintain a Shaved Head

shaved-head At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, our aim is to make sure every gentleman that walks into our salon will be able to walk out with the perfect look that makes them feel like a true modern gentlemen. While finding the perfect haircut can work for some, other gentlemen prefer to go a different route: a cleanly shaved head.

A lot of guys have their own reasons for going for the shaved head look, whether they’re losing their hair or if they know that it’s their style. What a lot of guys don’t know before they take the dive and shave their head is that it still takes work, just like when you have your hair. For those of you who are thinking about shaving your head or already do, here are a few things you should know when it comes to maintaining your shaved head.

Make Sure to Keep up Your Shaving Routine

Your hair will always grow back fast. No matter if you have a thick and full head of hair or even just a few stray hairs, the hair that’s there will always come back as a series of stubbles on your head. To keep your shaved head looking clean and fresh, you will need to constantly maintain your shaving routine. Make sure to use a new razor to go along with some slick shaving cream every time you shave, or stop by a professional salon like 1924 Fine Men’s Salon for a perfectly clean shave.

Invest in Antiperspirant

When you have hair, any sweat that develops on top of your head is soaked up immediately. However, if you’re bald and you tend to sweat a lot, that sweat can be very noticeable, to you or those around you. It may sound weird, but you can combat this problem by swiping your antiperspirant over your head a few times beforehand. This acts as a preventative measure to keep your head from looking wet or greasy if you begin to sweat.

Take Care to Protect Yourself from Sunlight

After you’ve shaved your head for the first time, your head will be very sensitive to the sunlight. Your scalp has never been exposed to the extent that it will be with a shaved head. Make sure to be prepared by bringing sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburns. Alternatively, you can make sure to wear a hat, bandanna, or any other form of headwear that will keep your newly shaved head safe from the sun’s rays.

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