Five Great 2020 Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline

Anytime you stroll into a barbershop near you, chances are you’ll see plenty of guys of all ages discussing how to minimize their receding hairlines. Barrington barbershops are no different. At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, we work with men young and old to give the best possible haircut, no matter what style they’re trying to create. Our professional hairstylists are experienced in making you look your best every day. And that means working with whatever hair you have – whether your hairline is just beginning to creep upward or you’re already bald. It may take years to lose your head of hair, or you may never go bald. To help our guys who are feeling self-conscious about their hairline and maybe ease them into their next hair phase, we’ve compiled this list of haircuts you might consider.


One way to remove any worries about your receding hairline is to just, well, remove the hairline. Let your 1924 Fine Men’s Salon barbershop professionally clean-shave your head and add you to the growing number of men who confidently wear this style. You can count on our barbers to always use a moisturizing, slick shave cream and fresh blades to eliminate irritating the delicate skin on your scalp?

Buzz Cut

Not quite ready to embrace the bald? We’ve got your…head. Inspired by the military, many of our clients love the way the short, short buzz cut makes their facial features look more defined. It’s easy to take care of and it’s perfect for thinning hair! Modernize the buzz cut with longer, more tapered sides. Or if you like your hair a little longer, consider the military regulation cut with longer, scissor-cut sides.

The Comb-Over Classic

At your Barrington barbershop, comb-overs aren’t just for grandpappy (or Donald Trump) anymore! We make the classic comb-over look chic by using your receding hairline as the lowest point in your hair’s natural part line. This gives an artificial sense of weight to your hair and creates a cut perfect for any face shape. Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s still versatile and trending in today’s men’s hair world.

Long & Slick or Messy Haircut

If you’d like to show off the hair you do have with a longer cut, consider this long and messy cut from your nearby 1924 Fine Men’s Salon barbers. This popular style is great for guys with thicker hair because it can hide the area above your temples that is likely showing the earliest signs of your retreating hairline. This look is versatile in that it can be styled slicked back or messy. Keep in mind it may take a little more work on your part, but it may be worth it for the years it can shave off your look!

Faux Hawk Haircut

Make a statement in 2020 with the faux hawk haircut — a low-key version of the striking mohawk that’s trending once again for the New Year. This cut is perfect for gentlemen with a receding hairline because with the sides clean-shaven or faded super short, it draws attention to the long center section. And your 1924 Fine Men’s Salon barbers can create a long or short hawk to make the style your own.

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