Coloring & Blending

Hair Coloring For Men

In the same way that you can experiment with your haircut and style, changing your hair color is another way you can try to figure out what works for you. It doesn’t even have to be drastic. You can just make your natural hair color more pronounced or even restore it once you start greying. Our professional men’s hair coloring service makes it simple to find the color you’re looking for. We offer the choice of permanent or non-permanent coloring options.

If you’re not sure what color would work best with your style, please stop by our men’s salon in Barrington, IL and meet with our stylists. They specialize in men’s grooming and will work with you to get you on the path to looking like a true modern gentleman.

  • Professional Grey Blending $55

    The key for grey hair is to keep it under control, which is what grey blending is all about. Professional grey blending at 1924 Fine Men's Salon perfectly mixes your natural hair color with the grey in your hair so you can make sure that people will only see as much grey as you want them to see. The coloring is semi-permanent; instead of just growing out, it gradually fades away to make your roots less noticeable. Under our guidance and expertise, we’ll give you the perfect blend of youth and wisdom.

  • Permanent Hair Coloring $85&UP

    If you’re thinking about coloring your hair but aren’t sure about what color would work best with your personal style, stop by our Barrington men's salon and meet with our experienced stylists who will work with you to find the color you need for the look you want.
    *Consultation required before booking service.

  • Beard Grey Blending $45&UP

    Hair coloring is not just for the hairs on your head! Grey blending for your beard! This is the perfect solution if you’re looking to cover up any grey hair in your beard. Beard grey blending can also help to blend in any patches in your beard to make it look thicker and fuller.

  • Permanent Beard Coloring $55&UP

    If you’re getting your hair colored, you don’t want to forget about your beard. Our permanent beard coloring service will complete your look and ensure it stays consistent. Enhance your experience even further by adding an executive grooming service to your handcrafted haircut to look and feel your absolute best. Choose from a relaxing and invigorating scalp massage, an anti-aging face treatment, or one of our other executive grooming services designed specifically for our male clientele. At 1924 we are in the business of helping men feel better about themselves than they have ever felt before.

  • Custom Color $150/hour

    Clients looking for a new look that requires more attention and detail. From dark to light, highlights, lowlights, bleach & tone, creative color and corrective color. We will work with you to handcraft the perfect color for your personality. Requires a consultation and cannot be booked online. Requires a deposit and credit card on file.

  • Chemical Relaxer Hair Treatment $65&UP

    If your hair is out of control, a chemical relaxer can help calm things down. This treatment is designed to make your hair ‘relax’ from the roots down to give you a straighter and more controlled look. Our chemical relaxer is perfect for men who want to get rid of their natural curls or even if they just generally have unruly hair that’s difficult to style.