Fade Haircuts For Men

The fade haircut first appeared in the military as it was required to have a neat and extremely tight appearance. However, this styling came to prominence in the ‘80s in little ethnic barbershops and, with the help of black barbers, became the prevalent hairstyle among hip-hop culture and hip-hop and rap artists. It’s now 2019 and has resurged as a popular cut again!

Different Approaches To Fade Hairstyles

Depending on your personal style, you’ll have a variety of types of haircuts to choose from. Some men get creative and add design lines to their fades. Others will incorporate a longer haircut on top, such as a top knot or a side part, with their fade. Ultimately, the main thing that you should consider is how much skin you’d like to sport when you receive your fade haircut. 

  • Low Skin Fade Haircut – This styling is the most modest of the fades. Typically, it will stay near the nape of the neck and will show roughly an inch of skin. If you’re self-conscious of scars, birthmarks, or blemishes on your scalp this may be the haircut style for you!
  • Medium Skin Fade Haircut – This styling is probably the one that you’re most familiar with. The medium skin fade is popular amongst those who want to incorporate designs in their hair or have a blend in between their hair and beard. With this cut, you’ll be showing about 2-4 inches of skin.
  • High Skin Fade Haircut – This is the boldest styling out of all three. Depending on your bone structure, this haircut will expose quite a few inches of skin as the fade will reach the crown of your head before allowing the designated space of hair above the crown to reach more length.
  • Beard Fade – Bonus fade! Mentioned above is the medium fade which is the most popular to use if you’re interested in fading into your beard as well. You can line up the edge of your beard, have faded sideburns, or even do beard fade by itself without having to do it to your regular haircut.

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