Eyes On Cancer Certified

Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Eyes on Cancer

At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, our mission is to keep you looking your best 24/7, all year round – but we want you to stay as healthy as possible, too! That’s why we’re proud to announce that as of now, all of our expert barbers and stylists are fully certified with Eyes On Cancer, a non-profit dedicated to lowering skin cancer mortality by improving early detection and treatment. This means that all of our barbers are specially trained in spotting the early signs of skin cancer. Seeing as May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we couldn’t be more excited to share this news!


About Eyes On Cancer

Eyes On Cancer is a nonprofit with a mission we absolutely love. By working to train beauty and style professionals to identify the early stages of skin cancer, they hope to bring down skin cancer mortality by boosting rates of early detection and treatment. It’s a genius insight: skincare, beauty, and style professionals spend all day looking at their clients’ skin, so they’re the perfect vehicle for early cancer detection. Eyes On Cancer provides specialized training to equip beauty professionals to spot the early signs of skin cancer, providing a powerful way to increase rates of early detection – which has a huge impact on survival rate.

We’re firm believers in the mission of Eyes On Cancer and skin cancer prevention and awareness in general, so we were thrilled at the opportunity to partner with this incredible organization. We’re now excited to report that all of our haircutters, barbers, and stylists have finished the training and are fully equipped to detect the early signs of skin cancer. So next time you come into our office for an Executive Style Haircut, a Straight Razor Shave, or any other of our expert grooming services, you’ll get the security of knowing that your stylist is improving your style while protecting you from the dangers of skin cancer.


Contact Your Palatine, Fox River Grove, & Lake Zurich Barbershop

We’re excited to have partnered with Eyes On Cancer, and we’re looking forward to helping the men of Palatine, Fox River Grove, Lake Zurich, and the greater Barrington area stay as healthy as they are stylish. If you’d like to come by for one of our grooming services or learn more about the Eyes On Cancer program, we’d love to hear from you – just reach out to us at our contact page or book your next appointment online. We hope to hear from you soon, and we’re excited to help every man that walks in our doors look their best – all while watching out for the early signs of skin cancer.