Alternatives to Hair Gel for Men’s Hairstyles

At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, we understand a thing or two about men’s hairstyles and then men who wear them. With so many hair styling products on the market today, you may be confused about alternatives to the standard hair gel you’ve been using to hold your style in place. Many of our Chicago area customers go for the messy, unkempt look or the super short buzz cut and don’t require any type of gel. However, just as many want that extra product that will let them style their hair and hold it in place. For those guys, we’ve put together a shortlist of hair gel alternatives and the elements that set each apart.

What Are Hair Gels

Before we get into what products are ‘like’ hair gels, it might be a good idea to have an understanding of what hair gels are. The type of hair gel most men use today to hold their hairstyle has been prominent since the 1960s. It was the first hair product that was targeted toward men. It did back then what it still does today — lets you style your hair any way you want and holds it in place all day long. Hair gel today usually causes a shine or “wet” look. Some hair gels dry out and stiffen your hair and can even flake off when dry resembling dandruff.

Your Hair Gel Alternatives in Barrington

  • Hair Wax or Pomade
    • Light to strong hold and characteristically medium shine.
    • Apply to wet hair for more shine, less hold.
    • Apply to dry hair for less shine, stronger hold.
    • Available in hard hair gel wax or soft.
    • No stickiness so can restyle your hair during the day.
    • Produces soft natural looking styles with no residue
    • More suitable for straight or slightly wavy hair,
  • Hair Cream
    • For soft, natural-looking hairstyles.
    • No residue, no stickiness.
    • Produces soft style.
    • Nourishes hair.
  • Hair Spray
    • Keeps style in place with a strong hold.
    • Fast drying.
    • Also used for volume, lift, and movement in men’s hairstyles.
    • No sticky feel or residue.
  • Hair Paste
    • Strong hold, matte finish.
    • Adds texture & thickness.
    • Easier to use than gels.
    • No flaking.
  • Hair Serum
    • Silicone-based
    • Does NOT hold your hair in place.
    • Prevent tangles and dizziness.
    • Softens and shines.
    • Adds protection to hair.

Let Our 1924 Fine Men’s Salon Pros Create A Men’s Hairstyle You’ll Love

Whether you’re braving the Chicago winds on the walk to work or jumping in the Great Lake, trying to achieve a men’s hairstyle you’ll love is just what our barbers do. Besides men’s haircuts, our barbers and technicians also offer “shaves and beard trimming,” manicures and many other personal services. And, hopefully, you’re learning to do just that! Whatever hairstyle you are looking to achieve, there is a product available to help you do just that. Consider your options carefully and choose the one that will give you the results you’re after. And when you’re ready for the best men’s haircut and style in downtown Chicago, make an appointment with 1924 Fine Men’s Salon. We’re ready to serve you!