4 Things Men Should Do To Take Care Of Their Skin

Many men think skin regiments and skin care are just for the ladies. Unfortunately boys, you need to care about your skin too! At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon Fine Men’s Salon, we’ve got a few skin care tips for you. Whether you are brand new to skin care or want to learn a little bit more about how to take care of your skin. Our advice will have your skin looking smooth and soft. We will teach you a couple of tricks about taking care of your skin on a daily basis. And, for an extra boost, ask our staff about our men’s facials. For questions or concerns call our men’s salon in Barrington. We can provide you with answers about hair, beards, products, and of course skin care as well.

Know Your Skin Type & Cleanse Accordingly

The most important thing to know when talking about skin care is your skin type. Each person has a different skin type, and men and women have different skin types. If your face tends to dry out or become itchy, you probably have a dry, sensitive skin type. If you have more oily or greasy skin, your skin is the oily type. And if you’ve got a little bit of both, or are somewhere in the middle, you have combination skin. Knowing your skin type will dictate which cleansers, facial washes, and moisturizes you use. Remember to always look at the packaging to determine what skin type the product is best for. If you have any questions or concerns, our barber staff is more than happy to recommend specific products or brands.

Wash Twice A Day

Get into a habit of washing your face each morning and night. Regularly washing your face will allow your skin to stay at its peak without being overly dry or being extra greasy. Dermatologists recommend a twice a day routine for face washing. Again, make sure you are using a product that is compatible with your face. If you use a product that does not work with your skin type and wash twice a day, you may experience some redness, dryness, or acne.

Moisturize! Especially After Shaving

To keep your skin looking young and elastic, moisturize every day! Moisturizing can be especially important during the winter months when the temperatures drop, and the air becomes drier, your skin will be more prone to drying out. It’s also important to use a moisturizer, aftershave, or combination after you shave your face. Shaving can be quite harsh on your face, and we want to make sure it is not irritated or red. A simple moisturizer can help! Or, if you do not shave and instead keep a beard, check out the options for a beard oil. Applying beard oil is not only good for your beard, but it will help moisturize the skin beneath your beard and keep it from drying out.


When venturing into the sun, remember your sunscreen. Your face susceptible to the sun, and we want to protect it from its harmful rays. Find a good sunscreen that fits your skin type. Have it with you whenever you are playing sports, heading to the beach, or just spending time outside. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, find a good moisturizer that also has an SPF. That way, your face is protected whether there’s rain or shine.

Have Questions? Talk With Us!

If you are new to the skincare world, let us help you. At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, we have an array of products that we can offer you as well as recommend brands if you are looking for something specific. In our men’s salon, we provide face and skin treatments including men’s facials. Each treatment is customized for you and your skin type. Do you have other concerns or questions about skin care? Call or stop by our shop in Barrington. We are conveniently located to serve the Lake Zurich and Fox River Grove areas as well. Together, we can find the perfect skincare regimen for you!