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Men's Haircuts
& Styling

Having a fresh, new haircut can completely help you go from just looking good, to looking your best. At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon of Barrington, we make finding that perfect haircut much easier with professional stylists and barbers who specialize in men’s grooming, all the while giving you a complete salon experience inspired by the old-school barbershops. From the moment you walk through our doors, you can take a break from your busy schedule, choose from our haircut and styling options below, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • The Classic Handcrafted Haircut $59-$89

    The signature service at 1924 is the handcrafted haircut. Our stylists begin with a personal consultation to understand your grooming habits and the look you desire. We work with you to create a cut that fits perfectly with your style and makes you look like the man you want to be. Our handcrafted haircuts are designed for your specific head shape and hair density. All of our cuts include a shampoo, neck shave, conditioner rinse and blow dry/style. Your stylist or barber will educate you throughout the process so you are able to achieve the same look at home. We finish everything off with a relaxing aromatic hot towel finish so you feel completely relaxed and leave your appointment feeling like a true gentleman.

  • The Executive Experience $69-$99

    Treat yourself to the 1924 Executive Handcrafted Haircut, our luxury service which includes the Signature 1924 handcrafted haircut, scalp cleansing/conditioner, a relaxing hot stone neck massage, an enhanced scalp massage, a hydrating & soothing facial toner, a professional styling consultation & hot towel finish. Enhance your experience even further by adding an executive grooming service to your handcrafted haircut to look and feel your absolute best. Choose from a relaxing and invigorating scalp treatment, an anti-aging face treatment, or one of our other executive grooming services designed specifically for our male clientele. At 1924 we are in the business of helping men feel better about themselves than they have ever felt before.

  • Students & Young Gentlemen $52-$84

    Being a gentleman isn’t defined by age. Our student and young gentlemen haircuts are for those wanting to look sharp, whether it’s to dress up for a special occasion, freshen up your look with a professional feel for an interview, or you just want to be the classiest in your class, our barbers will help you do just that. We proudly serve students from the neighboring Harper College and Barrington High School, along with all other schools in the surrounding areas of Barrington, Lake Zurich, Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Long Grove, Inverness and Schaumburg. The special pricing is only valid for full time students with a Student ID and young gentlemen under the age of 18. Available at all times with our Centre and Senior Stylists.

  • Distinguished Master $52-$85

    Our Distinguished Masters Haircut is for our senior guests who want to keep themselves looking like the classic gentlemen that they are. Combine this haircut with our professional gray blending service and watch your stylish younger years come right back. You’re never too old to be the best looking man in the room.

Men's Waxing & Hair Removal

Whether you’re looking to tame a few unruly whiskers or create perfectly sculpted eyebrows, there are many great reasons to invest in men’s face waxing. Long gone are the days when being a man meant embracing untidy body hair. Nowadays, gentlemen prefer the clean aesthetic of a smooth appearance. Fortunately, at 1924 Fine Men’s Salon, we offer waxing services exclusively for men in an authentic barbershop setting. Let our stylists treat you to the lasting results of a facial wax while you enjoy a complimentary drink.

  • Ear, Nose & Eyebrow Waxing $19-$27

    Let’s face it; we’ve all examined our faces only to find strands of hair growing in the most unsightly areas. Other times, we neglect our brows so much that they start to look like a mess right in the middle of our faces. Regardless the issue, our expert stylists can help you eliminate unwanted hair quickly and comfortably.

    Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair at the root. This offers many benefits, but the best by far is a long-lasting result. In fact, the results of waxing can last for as long as eight weeks. Many men also prefer waxing because hair grows back finer and causes far less irritation than shaving. Facial waxing gives you an advantage over shaving because you can target small, hard-to-reach areas. These are just some of the best perks, but they are far from the only benefits.