How Shaving Is Meant To Be

Electric and disposable razors seem to make shaving “easier”, but is the rough shave and irritation really worth it in the end? The fact of the matter is that those razors just don’t cut it when it comes to ensuring that you look your best. Shaving may be a mark of being a man, but there’s a higher level of shaving designed for the true gentleman: a classic straight-razor shave from a professional barber, just like at the old-school barbershops. Whether you’re getting a full shave or just a trim, there’s no substitute for precision.

At 1924 Fine Men’s Salon of Barrington, we’ve re-created the experience of those classic barbershops and added our own modern style. We have expertly trained, professional barbers that are ready to give you the closest and most precise shave around that will leave you looking great and feeling even better. Choose from the shaving services below that we offer here at our modern salon designed just for me, and experience the 1924 Fine Men’s Salon difference.

  • Classic Straight-Razor Shave

    It may take you 5 minutes to shave in the morning, but the 1924 classic shave is a full 30-minute experience. Once you get seated and comfortable at your semi-private station, your barber will go to work. It all starts with the hot towel and hot lather to relax you and ensure a smooth and comfortable shave. Then, the straight razor in the hands of an expert will make sure you look fresh and clean, while we finish everything off with an aromatic hot towel to leave you feeling completely refreshed. If you want to enhance the experience even further, you can also add a rejuvenating face treatment, complete with a facial cleanser and moisture treatment to ensure that your skin looks and feels healthy.

  • Executive Shave Package

    Take your shaving experience to the next level with our shave package. This combines our classic straight razor shave with the executive haircut. Our stylist will work with you to make sure you get the perfect haircut to match your personal style, along with the precise shave to give you an all around look that’s on point. While that will make sure you look your best, we want to make sure you feel your best too, so you still get to enjoy the aromatic hot towel finish, but we also include a 5-minute neck and shoulder massage, plus a full shampoo and conditioner treatment. You’ll walk out of our salon feeling like a brand new man.

    Stop beating up your face with those electric or disposable razors and come experience what a shave should be like. Schedule you’ll appointment with 1924 Fine Men's Salon today by giving us a call at 224-633-2188, or booking your appointment online. We make it easy for the men of Barrington, Deer Park, Palatine, Inverness, Fox River Grove, Lake Zurich, Schaumburg & the Greater Barrington Area to always look their best.

Beard & Mustache Trimming

If you’re the kind of gentleman that rocks a beard or mustache, or even if you’re thinking about growing out some manly facial hair, it’s a lot of work to maintain it and make sure that it compliments your look, instead of just making you look messy. Our 1924 Fine Men’s Salon barbers are here to help you keep your facial hair on point.

  • Beard Trim With Razor Line Up

    Make it easier on yourself and let the barbering experts at 1924 help you style and trim your beard so it looks perfect and classy, that’s actually befitting of a gentleman like yourself. Our licensed barber will trim your beard to the desired length, and finalize the look with a precision straight-edge razor line up. Perfect for staying clean, smooth and stylish.

  • Beard Trim

    Our stylists can help guide you on the path to growing and maintaining your beard properly and keep your beard in check with a professionally executed trim.

  • Moustache Trim

    For the men that choose to commit to having a moustache, it takes effort to make sure that it enhances your style. At 1924 Fine Men's Salon we offers precision moustache trimming to ensure that you always look classy.


Having style and class doesn’t always require having a head full of hair, since a shaved head makes a statement with a clean and confident look. When you commit to shaving your head, make sure that it’s done right; at the hands of a professional.
  • Precision Head Shave

    A straight razor head shave will make sure that you look and feel completely smooth. It’s perfect for guys that prefer the shaved head style, or if they have thinning hair and want a more stylish look. Our precision head shave will be performed by one of our licensed barbers who will make sure that your head has the perfect shaved look.